Tessellator is an in-house developed Learning Management System (LMS) software, referred to as Tessellator, has been designed to enhance the educational experience. During a typical Tessellator session of 2 hours in duration, the instructor delivers a theoretical concept for approximately 20-30 minutes, followed by a programming task or quiz, which lasts 5-10 minutes, related to the previously taught topic. The Tessellator platform evaluates the submitted answers in real-time, providing immediate feedback to the students. Based on the feedback received, the teacher can make an informed decision to either reiterate the topic or proceed with further instruction. read more

Foundation School

Coding is an essential skill that has transformed the way we live and work. Its importance in the job market and for innovation and problem-solving cannot be overstated. As technology advances, it is crucial to keep up with the latest trends and developments in coding. read more

Project School

Projects serve as the crucible where engineering students forge their technical prowess, honing their skills through hands-on application and problem-solving. The ultimate objective of Project School is to provide students with a well-rounded skill set that includes hands-on experience with end-to-end projects, as well as an understanding of the integration of multiple technologies into a single frame. read more

Finishing School

The Finishing School program at NGIT is designed to prepare engineering students for the industry by providing them with hands-on training and practical skills. Unlike other Finishing Schools which are offered after the completion of a bachelor’s degree in engineering (BE), this program runs concurrently with the BE course. The Finishing School program has duration of two semesters. read more


The Niranthar Finishing School (NFS) is a weekly coding competition specifically designed for students of NGIT in their first to third years. It takes place on alternate days, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (TTS). Participants have the opportunity to win cash prizes on a weekly basis.


Arjuna is a weekly coding competition organized for NGIT students in their 1st to 3rd years. The sessions take place every Sunday and offer three coding challenges to be completed during each session. The solutions to the previous week’s challenges are then discussed using Java during the current session. At the end of each session, new coding activities are introduced for the following week. The top two students from each year at NGIT will receive weekly cash prizes, determined by the fastest submission time.


  • Finishing School classes are starting from 14th May,2024

  • Project School classes will resume from 27th May,2024 onwards

  • Regular University classes will begin from 3rd June,2024 after the summer vacation