Our Vision:

  • India-centric Research and Development
  • Move away from shallow to deep technologies
  • Promote Research at Under-Graduate Level
  • Academic Entrepreneurship
  • Defense as an emerging industry and career opportunity

Research is the foundation of any nation’s economic growth and Neil Gogte Institute of Technology (NGIT) is committed to long-term research in emerging areas of engineering and technology.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of R & D in the vertical growth of the institution and established an R&D cell to focus on scientific and industrial Research in various disciplines. For the purposes of the same, a state-of-art, customized research lab has been built.

Research Projects Engagement Model:

Principal Investigator (PI)

  • Point of Contact, Responsible for Research and Execution of the project

Research Assistant (RA)

  • Liaison between the PI and Software Engineer, Guide Students through the entire project life cycle.

Software Engineer (SE)

  • Industry and Domain Expertise, Help in the design and architecture of the solution


  • Finishing School classes are starting from 14th May,2024

  • Project School classes will resume from 27th May,2024 onwards

  • Regular University classes will begin from 3rd June,2024 after the summer vacation