Sanjaya is an Android App built to give parents all the details that they need about their ward’s progress at NGIT. From the Sanjaya App, parents can not only check the attendance, timetable, performance, events, and results but also look at the classroom. The live classroom feature in Sanjaya App has been a big hit among parents. From Sanjaya, one can also check as to how their ward has been rated for discipline. Parents also receive notifications from NGIT, in cases like class cancellations. Parents can also contact NGIT directly using the ‘Contact NGIT’ feature.


Drona is an Android App that was specifically built for the teaching faculty at NGIT. Not only does the app ease the process of marking attendance, it also allows teachers to add disciplinary points, easily access timetables, and receive important notifications, and messages with respect to college events and other important news.


Netra is an Android App built for NGIT students. From Netra App, they have access to all the details that they need to know while they are at NGIT. From the Netra App, students can not only cross-check the attendance, timetable, performance, events, and results but also access conversations- Technical and General videos built by NGIT to help students stay updated with the latest in the industry. Students also receive notifications from NGIT, in cases like class cancellations.


Ankur is an Application developed by the Students of NGIT that drastically reduced the paperwork of the Students and Parents as well. It collects the data from students during the admission process into the college, which enables the institution to maintain centralized data of all the students in one place.


The traditional scenario of students attending a nearby college within walking distance has become a thing of the past. Today, cities have expanded and parents have higher expectations for their children’s education, often opting for premium colleges that are located 30 to 50 km away. While these institutions typically offer college bus services, it is not enough to ensure the safety and timely arrival of students. To truly prioritize their well-being, colleges should embrace technology, such as a transport management system, to power their transportation services.
“Sarathi” is a cutting-edge app that harnesses technology to guarantee the safe and timely transportation of students. This app is integrated with “Trinetra” for monitoring and management of buses, drivers, routes, and students and messaging.


  • Finishing School classes are starting from 14th May,2024

  • Project School classes will resume from 27th May,2024 onwards

  • Regular University classes will begin from 3rd June,2024 after the summer vacation