The Niranthar Finishing School (NFS) is a weekly coding competition specifically designed for students of NGIT in their first to third years. It takes place on alternate days, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (TTS). Participants have the opportunity to win cash prizes on a weekly basis. The NFS sessions include two coding activities each, for a total of six activities each week. Solutions from the previous session are discussed using the Python programming language during each NFS session. After the discussion, new activities are introduced for the next session. The top 15 students from each year at NGIT will receive weekly cash prizes based on the fastest submission time. The winners are determined based on their speed of completing the coding tasks.


  • Finishing School classes are starting from 14th May,2024

  • Project School classes will resume from 27th May,2024 onwards

  • Regular University classes will begin from 3rd June,2024 after the summer vacation