Keshav Memorial Educational Society was founded in the year 1940 with a motto of ‘Service through Education’. It is well known in Hyderabad, for the past 75 years for running various educational institutes of repute. KMES celebrated its platinum jubilee year in 2014-15. This society was formed in the sacred memory of Justice Keshav Rao Koratkar, an eminent educationist, social reformer, and political activist. He was a close associate of Bala Gangadhar Tilak and took an active role in the freedom struggle of India. After he passed away, his son Pandit Vinayak Rao Vidyalanka, who was a Minister in the Burgula Ramakrishna Rao’s cabinet and Member of Parliament, started a middle school in his father’s memory. It started with 10-15 students and now has many educational institutions and many eminent people as alumni of the institutions.


Neil Gogte Institute of Technology (NGIT) is a technical institute located in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It is an institution affiliated with Osmania University. NGIT has responsive management that ensures everything is in place and gives dynamic educational leadership to the faculty and other staff.


The role of the principal in any educational institution is a crucial one, as they are responsible for the overall administration and management of the college. They set the vision and goals of the institution, provide academic and administrative leadership, and ensure that the college is providing high-quality education to its students.

Heads of Department

The Heads of Department (HODs) at Neil Gogte Institute of Technology (NGIT) play a vital role in the academic administration of the college. They are responsible for the leadership and management of their respective departments and work closely with the faculty and students to ensure that high-quality education is being provided in their areas of expertise.

Audit Statements

Audit statements refer to the financial statements and reports that are prepared by an independent auditor to assess the financial health and performance of an organization. These statements provide an objective evaluation of the financial information of the organization and are used to ensure that the financial records are accurate, complete, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


  • SPORTS-MEET of Keshav Memorial group of Engineering colleges will be held on 29 th June,2024.

  • Lab Internals are scheduled in first week of July,2024

  • Finishing School Grand Test will be held in second week of July ,2024.