Tessellator is an in-house developed Learning Management System (LMS) software, referred to as Tessellator, has been designed to enhance the educational experience. During a typical Tessellator session of 2 hours in duration, the instructor delivers a theoretical concept for approximately 20-30 minutes, followed by a programming task or quiz, which lasts 5-10 minutes, related to the previously taught topic. The Tessellator platform evaluates the submitted answers in real time, providing immediate feedback to the students. Based on the feedback received, the teacher can make an informed decision to either reiterate the topic or proceed with further instruction.

The software underwent periodic upgrades based on careful observations by the teachers and incorporated features such as:

  • Plagiarism
  • Identifies complex areas
  • Identifies areas in which the student is weak and needs further assistance were developed.

The Tessellator software platform is utilized for the ongoing monitoring of student progress and the evaluation of online performance. Teachers employ collaborative techniques, such as the jigsaw method, to stimulate student involvement in the classroom environment.

Fig: Screenshot of Tessellator Web application

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  • Dear Students,
    This is to inform you that the boot camp will be held from Monday (12th June) from 1:50 pm to 4:20 pm at NGIT.

  • Foundation School Python and Java classes start on 14th June 2023.