NSS Committee


  1. The committee aims at providing a variety of learning experiences which will develop a sense of participation, service and achievement among volunteers.
  • Making education   more relevant to the present situation to meet the full needs of the committee.
  • Providing opportunities to the students to play their role in planning and executing projects especially in rural areas.
  • Developing the qualities of Leadership by discovering the meaning of latent potential of students.
  • Emphasising the dignity of labour and self-help and combining physical work with intellectual pursuits.
  • Encouraging the students to participate in the process of National Development Games and Sports facilities, and qualified sports instructors.

NSS Committee for the A.Y.2022-23

S.NoName of the MemberDesignationPosition
1Prof. R. Shyam sundarPrincipalChairperson
2Dr. Gurunam Singh ChughAssociateProfessor, H&SConvener
3Mr. A.S.L Narsimha PrasadAssistant Professor, H&SMember
4Mr. G. Seshu GoudAssistant Professor,H&SMember
5Mr. D. RameshAssistant Professor, H&SMember
6Ms. M. SravaniAssistant Professor,AIMLMember


  • Dear Students,
    This is to inform you that the boot camp will be held from Monday (12th June) from 1:50 pm to 4:20 pm at NGIT.

  • Foundation School Python and Java classes start on 14th June 2023.