Alumni Committee

NGIT has an alumni cell. Alumni-meet is arranged every three years to interact and receive constructive suggestions for future institutional development and to enhance industry college interaction and placement activity. At the time of meet feedback is taken in written form.

Process Flow for Alumni Feedback:

Alumni Feedback analysis is a Process and summary of index values:

The HOD, Principal, Placement officer, and Management analyze the feedback. Separate Excel Sheets are designed to calculate the rating of each question and the overall rating per subject and class. The summary of each and every point and for each and every faculty is analyzed. Based on the analysis of feedback appropriate Rewards or Corrective Measures are taken.  A sample for Index values is attached below.

Basis of Rewards and Corrective Measures:

Highly Satisfied:

  1. Are CCTV present at important locations on the campus
  2. Security Personal is adequate on campus
  3. Canteen
  4. Does the college encourage them to Participate in Sports and Extracurricular activities
  5. Do you receive regular communication from the college/department through Calls/SMS .etc
  6. Corrective Measures:
  7. The Campus is green and Eco-Friendly
  8. Basic Infrastructure of the college
  9. Availability of Reading Space in Library
  10. The administration is teacher-friendly
  11. Internet provided on demand in college labs
  12. Training & Placement Cell provided ample on-campus placement opportunities
  13. Flagship programs of college give you an edge over others in careers like FS& SONET.

Indices used for quality of learning:

Student feedback is vital to assess and improve the faculty performance.  In response, the Student feedback process offers individualized summaries so faculty can clearly understand their areas for improvement.

The key Parameters used in the feedback are

  1. Facilities
  2. Faculty
  3. Placement&Training
  4. Academics

Alumni Committee for the A.Y.2022-23:

S.NoName of the MemberDesignationPosition
1Prof. R.Shyam SundarPrincipalChairperson
2Ms. M. DeepikaAssistant Professor, AIMLConvener
3Ms.K.J.ArchanaAssistant Professor, CSEMember
4Ms. K. Sudha RaniAssistant Professor, H&SMember
5Ms.S.SwapnaAssistant Professor, CSEMember
6Mr. Ch. RamalingamAssistant Professor, H&SMember
7Mr.B.DhanaRajAssistant Professor, CSEMember


  • SPORTS-MEET of Keshav Memorial group of Engineering colleges will be held on 29 th June,2024.

  • Lab Internals are scheduled in first week of July,2024

  • Finishing School Grand Test will be held in second week of July ,2024.